USDA / Agricultural Research Service

Invasive Weed Management Unit


The IMWU is a critical component of the nation’s ability to address serious weed issues, and provides research support for groups historically underserved by USDA.


Weeds cost the U.S. $33 billion in lost crop production annually, despite $7 billion spent on herbicide application.  Weeds are highly adaptable, evading even the best management over time.  The IWMU is one of a few USDA facilities solely responsible for developing solutions to existing/emerging weed issues in the nation.  The four scientists and small staff, assembled as an ensemble to achieve synergy, have made major impact in the battle against weeds.  Explore our impact in these fields:


· Vegetable/Specialty Crops


· Organic Farming


· Soybeans


· Environment/Bioenergy


Click here for a summary of recent research (pdf).




sweet corn is a specialty croproller-crimper used in organic farming